Home Encounter offers exceptional association management services for your community. Here’s where we help out.

Annual / Turnover Meeting:

  • Attendance by all management team members (Monday-Thursday; weekend attendance available for additional fee)
  • Meeting coordination:
    • Mail notification to all applicable lot owners
    • Assist board in obtaining and reserving facility
    • Create and track ballots and proxies
    • Assist with vote collection and counting
    • Produce copies of all documents and handouts for meeting
    • Present management company report

Board of Directors Meeting:

  • Coordinate meeting dates and remind board members (Monday-Thursday)
  • For regularly scheduled meeting, financial reports and management report will be presented at meeting (additional charges may apply for after-hours or weekend meetings)
  • Develop agenda with board input

Homeowner Database:

  • Maintain and update master homeowner list
  • Inform welcome committee of new move-ins, upon request
  • Provide copy of covenants, bylaws, ARC standards, ARC request form, inspection process guidelines and a homeowner update form to each new resident upon notification of completed closing by the closing attorney


  • Record resale homes during the inspection process
  • Write HOA letter stating policy regarding mandatory closing letters
  • Track homes sold, by information provided to us from the closing attorneys

Property Inspections:

  • Monthly drive-through for covenant inspections (unless otherwise stated in contract)
  • Send violation letters at the direction of the board
  • Coordinate appeals and hearings
  • Legal follow-up as needed
  • Maintain correspondence file