Not every real estate agent can be a Home Encounter agent. In fact, very few can. In order for a real estate agent to work at Home Encounter, they need to actively display seven imperative qualities to uphold the personal customer service that has put us on the map and kept us thriving.

Local-Market Knowledge: The best realtors will provide information that is county, city, and even neighborhood specific to determine the best selling rates for their clients. Our real estate agents are consistently in the field, learning about market trends, and speaking with locals to give the most personal, knowledgeable council possible to our clients.


Technologically-Savvy: Utilizing social media and the internet is one of the greatest sources to market your property. Our competitors do not utilize social media to its full potential – a free resource for marketing in addition to the traditional marketing on real estate websites. At Home Encounter, we use both to maximize your home’s prospect list to its greatest potential.


Investment knowledge: Our real estate agents know how much a home investment is worth. Buy the wrong property, and you could be stuck with it for a long time. Pay too much, and you may make a loss when you go to sell. A dream home can only be a dream home with enjoyment and benefit from start to finish.


Maintenance Expertise: Our real estate agents have the eye to discover possible maintenance pitfalls before you buy. If repairs need to be made, they will be able to provide you the lowest, local pricing from quality vendors and have the work completed for you, no matter how large or small the project is.


Finance Experience: Whenever you go for a loan, you want to get the best interest rate and have an “in” if possible to find the best financing options. At Home Encounter, we have the best inside financing connections for all areas of residential sales.


Customer Service: Your needs are our priority. At Home Encounter, we uphold a 14-point customer service process because we understand your time is important and your needs require fast responses. We go the extra mile to make sure you know you chose best by selecting Home Encounter for your real estate needs.


Industry Awareness: Our real estate agents are required to be aware of trends and market to provide the best council to our clients. We provide cutting edge marketing by syndicating our client’s properties on dozens of real estate websites that generate the most effective leads to provide the maximum exposure.